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Fokkers and Tea Cups

A comedy musical about the second world war by Jonathan a bit like 39 Steps but not really coz 39 Steps isn’t a musical. Continue reading


Hey Get a Life

Jonathan’s musical written with Simon Chamberlain that was on at St Andrews Lane Theatre in Dublin Continue reading


The Hard Boiled Egg and the Wasp

Jonathan’s musical ‘The Hard Boiled Egg and the Wasp’ written with American Idol’s Andy Street. Continue reading


27 Santas and an Elf called Kevin

Jonathan Kydd and Andy Street’s Christmas kids’ musical show. There are indeed 27 santas and there is also an Elf called Kevin! Silly and fun stuff! Continue reading


Johnny Boom

Johnny Boom: A short rock musical written by Jonathan Kydd for and with Andy Street for his `musical school’ in LA. Continue reading