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Jonathan Kydd. A Life of Girning.

Jonathan’s very silly short film about his career so far featuring a lot of footage from his father’s cine camera and made for his birthday! Continue reading

ahaarrrr ads


Jonathan’s award winning short film about an appalling voice over session Continue reading

wart still #15

Shakespeare’s Wart

Jonathan’s short featuring Peter Wight, Martha Howe-Douglas, Bill Fellows and er Jonathan about a desperate actor auditioning for Henry 4 part 2 Continue reading

Nathan Burbage Sinclaire

Nathan Burbage Sinclaire – Acting Guru- ‘He Teaches Acting’

Jonathan is Nathan Burbage Sinclaire, a spoof acting guru who gives us lessons on top acting issues in his own mad style. Continue reading

all from old pc 6434

Ken Tremlett

Ken Tremlett is Jonathan’s spoof business guru creation. He manages the Rudy Vees, has his goods site on and is a well known nudist. He’s on @kentremlett on Twitter. Continue reading

all from old pc 4278

World of Tremlett!

Jonathan’s World of Tremlett is a pilot/spoof infomercial/sketch featuring the loo lead and the 4 fabulous gratuitous Bikini Girls as well as the Singing Dentists, Martin Winning, Paddy Lennox, Anna-Phoebe and the objectionable piece of Cheese. Continue reading


The Sausage Project

Jonathan’s sausage project. A cd of ads about sausages Continue reading


Dentura Highway Album

Jonathan’s spoof dentists album, Dentura Highway Continue reading