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My dad made 110 films between 1945 and 1952. I only have 68 of em written here. If anyone can come up with the other titles please drop me a line on

Captive Heart, The (1946) Grant, P.O.W. (Top Bunk)

They Made Me A Fugitive (1947) Eddie

Fortune Lane (1947) Draughtsman

Colonel Bogey (1947) Soldier

Trouble in the Air (1948)

Song for Tomorrow, A (1948)Sergeant

To the Public Danger (1948) Police Driver

Fly Away Peter (1948) Harry Parker

Love in Waiting (1948)

Piece of Cake, A (1948)

It’s Hard to Be Good (1948) Husband

Scott of the Antarctic (1948) Leading Stoker E. McKenzie R.N.

Once A Jolly Swagman (1948) Captain of Ilford Speedway team

Portrait From Life (1948) Army Truck Driver

Badger’s Green (1948) Harry Parker

Small Back Room, The (1948) Crowhurst

Forbidden (1948) Joe

Floodtide (1949) Sam, the Barman

Movie Go‑Round (1949) Repair Man

Passport to Pimlico (1949) Sapper

Stop Press Girl (1949) Booking Officer

Saints & Sinners (1949) Man in Bar

Poet’s Pub (1949) George

Vengeance is Mine (1949) Stacey

Obsession (1949) Club Steward

Madness of the Heart (1949) Soldier at Airport

Trottie True (1949) Stage‑Hand

Hasty Heart, The (1949) Machlaclan’s Jeep Driver

Mr Marionette [Short] (1949) [UNRELEASED]

Cure for Love, The (1949) Charlie Fox

Blue Lamp, The (1949) Bookmaker’s Assistant

Grass Drying [Documentary Short] (1949) Commentator

Chance of A Lifetime (1950) (One of) the Workers

Treasure Island (1950) Cady

Seven Days to Noon (1950) Soldier in House Search

No Trace (1950) Car Mechanic

Blackout (1950)

Cage of Gold (1950) ‘Palette Club’ Waiter

Magnet, The (1950) Postman

Clouded Yellow, The (1950) Rescue Radio Operator

Second Mate, The (1950) Wheeler

Mr Drake’s Duck (1950)

Dark Man, The (1950) Sgt. Major

Pool of London (1950) 2nd Engineer

Sermon Film: Ashes From The Altar [Short] (1950)

Galloping Major, The (1951) Newspaper Vendor

Assassin for Hire (1951) Bert (or Fred!)

Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. (1951) Seaman Garvin

Penny Points to Paradise (1951) Porter/Taxi Driver

Hell is Sold Out (1951)

Cheer the Brave (1951)

High Treason (1951) Sam (the Printer)

Mr Denning Drives North (1951) One of Crowd by Jeep Watching Plane

Secret People, The (1951) Irish Police Sergeant

Hunted (1952) Potman

Sing Along with Me (1952)

Judgement Deferred (1952)

Brandy for the Parson (1952) Lorry Driver

Angels One Five (1952) Mess Waiter

Curtain Up (1952) Ambulance Man

Derby Day (1952) Harry Bunn, Bookie

Brave Don’t Cry, The (1952) Porter

Lost Hours, The (1952) Fred, ‘Bristow & Brown’ Mechanic

Trent’s Last Case (1952) Insp. Murch

Hour of 13, The (1952) Reporter

Voice of Merill, The (1952) Sgt. Baker

Hot Ice (1952)

Appointment in London (1952) A/C Ackroyd

Time Bomb (1953) Train Ticket Clerk

Titfield Thunderbolt, The (1953) Railway Worker At Yard Where Engine Stolen

Cruel Sea, The (1953) Carslake

Steel Key, The (1953) Chauffeur

Death Goes to School (1953) Sgt. Harvey

Single‑Handed (1953) Naval Rating

Malta Story (1953) Soldier Clearing Airfield

Master of Ballantrae, The (1953)

Saint’s Return, The (1953) Barkley (Joe Podd)

Love in Pawn (1953)

Runaway Bus, The (1953) Chief of Security/Security Officer

They Who Dare (1953) Marine Boyd

Devil on Horseback (1954) Darky

Rainbow Jacket, The (1954) Bruce

Father Brown (1954) Scotland Yard Sgt.

Embezzler, The (1954) Railway Inspector

End of the Road, The (1954)

Final Appointment (1954) Vickery

Radio Cab Murders, The (1954) Spencer

Lilacs in Spring (1954) Ginger

Souls in Conflict (1954)

Impulse (1954) Ticket Inspector

Raising A Riot (1955) Messenger

Where There’s A Will (1955) Jeep Driver

As Long As They’re Happy (1955) Milkman

Passage Home (1955) Sheltia

Constant Husband, The (1955) Adelphi Barman

Dark Avenger, The (1955)

Kid for Two Farthings, A (1955)

Glass Cage, The (1955) George

Gold Express, The (1955) Lorry Driver

Quatermass Experiment, The (1955) Station Sergeant

One Way Out (1955) Gang Member

Storm Over the Nile (1955) Joe, The Instructor

Portrait of Alison (1955) Bill, Telephone Engineer

LadyKillers, The (1955) 2nd Cab Driver**
[**As credited on the BFI website, but unable to confirm on screen…]

Josephine & Men (1955) Station Sergeant

Cockleshell Heroes (1955) Lorry Driver

You Can’t Escape (1955)

Homing Chinaman, The [Short*] (1955) Simons
[*Episode of the TV Series THE VISE shown in cinemas as a Short Supporting Film]

Town Like Alice, A (1956) Bus Driver (and dubbed one other)

Soho Incident (1956) Sam

It’s Never Too Late (1956) Eavesdropper at Tube Station

Ramsbottom Rides Again (1956)

Long Arm, The (1956) P.C. in Information Room

Reach for the Sky (1956) Warrant Officer Blake

Jacqueline (1956) Fireman (Foreman?)

Baby & the Battleship, The (1956) Richards (Mess Hand)

It’s A Wonderful World (1956) Attendant

Home & Away (1956) Albert West

Circus Friends (1956) George

Tiger in the Smoke (1956) Tom Gripper

Hideout, The (1956) Tim Bowers

Boat People, The [Documentary Short] (1956) Narrator

Smallest Show on Earth, The (1957) [SCENES CUT]

Yangste Incident (1957) A.B. Walker R.N.

Carry on Admiral (1957) Attendant

Scamp, The (1957) Shopkeeper

Just My Luck (1957) Roberts, Craftsman

Dangerous Exile (1957)

Barnacle Bill (1957) Frogman

Tale of Two Cities, A (1957) Joe, Coach Guard

Happy is the Bride (1957) Foreman

Safecracker, The (1957) McCullers

Orders to Kill (1958) Flight Sergeant Flint

Dunkirk (1958)

Up the Creek (1958) Bates

Law & Disorder (1958) Shorty

I Was Monty’s Double (1958) Go Between/Soldier Behind Peggy

Further Up the Creek (1958) Bates

Life is A Circus (1958) Removal Man

Captain’s Table, The (1958) Sailor (Filling Pool)

Too Many Crooks (1958) Tramp on Bench

Make Mine A Million (1958) 2nd Armed Robber

39 Steps, The (1959) Train Dining Steward

Carlton Browne of the F.O. (1959) Signaller

Hound of the Baskervilles, The (1959) Perkins

I’m Alright Jack (1959) Shop Steward

Upstairs & Downstairs (1959) Chauffeur

Libel (1959) (2nd) Paper Seller

Sink the Bismarck! (1959) Civilian Worker on Prince of Wales

Angry Silence, The (1960) [SCENES CUT]

Price of Silence, The (1960) Slug

Follow That Horse! (1960) Farrell

Dead Lucky (1960) Harry Winston

There Was A Crooked Man (1960) Foreman

House in Marsh Road, The (1960) Morris Lumley

Suspect (1960) Slater

Treasure of Monte Cristo, The (1961) Albert

Clue of the Silver Key, The (1961) Tickler

Iron Maiden, The (1962) Fred Trotter (or Carter!)

Doctor in Distress (1963) [SCENES CUT]

Young Detectives, The [8-Part Film Serial] (1963) Security Van Driver

A Bit of Doing [Short] (1963)

Smokescreen (1964) Hotel Waiter

Island of Terror (1965) Constable John Harris

Projected Man, The (1966) Harry

Smashing Time (1967) Diner

Gold is Where You Find it [Short] (1968) Pader Murphy

Till Death Do Us Part (1968) Fred

Submarine XI (1968) [SCENES CUT]

Killing of Sister George, The (1968) Taxi Driver

Look At Life: There Ought to Be A Law [Educational Short] (1968)

Moon Zero Two (1969) Len, Barman

Too Late the Hero (1969) Colour Sgt.

Magnificent 6 & ½, The – Series 2: Part 1 (only?): ‘Pee Wee Had A Little Ape’ [6-Part Film Serial] (1969)

Last Grenade, The (1970)

10 Rillington Place (1970) Roberts, Furniture Dealer

Dad’s Army (1970) Nazi Orderly

Quest for Love (1971) Taxi Driver

Magnificent 6 & ½, The – 3rd Series: Pt 5 (only): ‘Up the Creek’ [6-Part Film Serial](1971)

Up the Chastity Belt (1971) 1st Locksmith

Alf Garnett Saga, The (1972)

Steptoe & Son Ride Again (1973) Claude

Confessions of A Window Cleaner (1974) 1st Removal Man

Firefighters, The (1974) Fireman Stark

Amorous Milkman, The (1974) Wilf

Great Expectations [USA TVM/GB Cinemas] (1975) Scarred Convict

Chiffy Kids, The [6-Part Film Serial] (1977) Grumpy Gardener

Chimpmates ‑ Series 3 [6-Part Film Serial] (1978)

Time in Between [Short] (1979)

Yesterday’s Hero (1979) Sam Turner

Shillingbury Blowers, The (1979) [UK TVM, shown Cinemas] Reggie

Danger on Dartmoor (1980)

High Rise Donkey (1980) Resident

Mirror Crack’d, The (1980) Prop Man with Fake Blood

Eye of the Needle (1981) Lock Keeper

Researched and compiled by M. A. Murton



Sam Kydd 014Appearance suggested, but comprehensive cast lists found and Sam not featured:
‘The Saint’ ITV Mid-60s
‘Sweeney’ ITV 1976
Unable to Find Any Information on Any of These:
‘Not Many Mansions’ ITV
‘TV Playhouse: The Road to Anywhere’ ITV
‘It’s a Wonderful World’ ITV
Years Unknown for These:
‘Perry Como Special’ ITV
‘Crime Prevention Slots’ (as “Fred the Burglar”).





Series known, but exact episode(s)/date(s) unknown:
‘The Army Game’ ITV (1957-61)
‘The Benny Hill Show’ (many episodes, various roles) [BBC 1955-57 + 1961 + 1964-66 + 1968; ITV 1967, 1969-89]
‘Charlie Drake Show’ (many episodes, various roles) BBC (1960-62 & 1967-68)
‘Bootsy and Snudge’ ITV (1960-63)
‘Maigret’ BBC (1960-63)
‘Dangerman ITV (1960-61 or 1964-67)
‘The Arthur Askey Show’ ATV 1961
‘The Arthur Haynes Show’ATV (1956-66)
‘Shadow Squad’ ITV (1957-59)
‘The Rag Trade’ (BBC 1961-63 or LWT 1977-78)
‘The Dick Emery Show’ BBC (1963-81)
‘The Doctors’ 1963 [= BBC series 1969-71???]
‘Cluff’ BBC (1964-65)
‘The Harry Worth Show’ BBC (1964/5)
‘Adam Adamant Lives’ BBC (1966/7)
‘Play School’ (story reader) BBC (1970s)
Chronological Listing of known appearances:
‘Watch with Mother: Toad of Toad Hall’ BBC 1950
‘Sherlock Holmes: The Empty House’ (as “Unimpressed onlooker”) BBC 1951
‘The Pickwick Papers’ (5-part serial as “Mr Sam Weller”) BBC 1952
‘Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School: Bunter’s Bycycle’ (as “Postman”) BBC 1952
‘Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School: The Report’ (as “Nosey Jenkins”) BBC 1952
‘The Wonderful Visit’ (as “Tramp”) BBC 1952
‘Goonreel’ (various roles) BBC 1952
‘Pickwick Papers’ (as “Sam Weller”) BBC 1953
‘Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Presents: Second Wind’ (as “Albert”) ITV 1954
‘Caste’(as “Sam Gerridge”) BBC 1954
‘Pantomania’ (as “King Rat”) ITV 1955
‘London Playhouse: The General’s Mess’ (as “Charlie Freezeman”) ITV 1955
‘Theatre Royal: Bardell V. Pickwick’ (as “Sam Weller”) ATV 1955
‘As I Was Saying: An Eye for Detail’ BBC 1955
‘The Vise: The Very Silent Traveller’ (as “Olsen”) ITV 1955
‘The Vise: The Homing Chinaman’ (as “Simons”) ITV 1955
‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: episode 2 Mr Utterson’s Encounter’ (as “child’s father”) BBC 1956
‘David Copperfield’ (episode two as “A Friendly Waiter”) ITV 1956
‘The Tony Hancock Show’ “[25/05/56] BBC 1956
‘Before Your Very Eyes’ [24/02/56] ITV 1956
‘Tales From Soho: The Protectors’ (as “Lefty”) BBC 1956
‘London Playhouse: The Guv’nor’ (as “Charlie”) ITV 1956
‘Captain Carvallo’ (as “Private Gross”) ITV 1956
‘Dixon of Dock Green: The December Boy’ (as “Mr Jenner”) BBC 1957
‘The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Shell Game’ (as “Pick”) ABC 1957
‘The Gay Cavalier: Little Cavalier’ (as “Peg-Leg”) ITV 1957
‘The Gay Cavalier: The Lost is Found’ (as “Biggleswaite”) ITV 1957
‘The Tony Hancock Show’ [11/01/57] BBC 1957
‘Big Guns: A Family Matter’ (as “Raikes”) BBC 1958
‘Dixon of Dock Green: The Case of Mrs. X’ (as “Harry Baker”) BBC 1958
‘The Highwayman’ (as “Jerry Bridger”) 1958
‘Frankly Howerd’ BBC 1959
‘A Mask for Alexis’ (as “Cycle Dealer”) BBC 1959
‘Television Playhouse: The Advocate’ (as “Kovacs”) ITV 1959
‘Antigone’ (as “First guard”) BBC 1959
‘Sunday-night Theatre: Millionairess’ (as “The Man”) BBC 1959
‘Samson and Delilah’ (as “The Sergeant”) BBC 1959
‘Sunday-night Theatre: The Skin Game’ (as “Dawker”) BBC 1959
‘Hancock’s Half Hour: The Big Night’ (as “1st Launderette Customer”) BBC 1959
‘Sunday Night Theatre: All You Young Lovers’ BBC 1959
‘The Queen’s Corporal’ Granada 1959
‘The Men From Room Thirteen: The Man Who Made Keys” (Parts 1 & 2 as “Cracker”) BBC 1959
‘Mess Mates’ (three series as “Croaker Jones”) ITV 1960-62
‘Arthur’s Treasured Volumes: A Blow in Anger’ (as “Fred”) ATV 1960
‘Upgreen and At ‘Em’ BBC 1960
‘The Trouble with Harry’ (Worth) BBC 1960
‘Time Remembered’ BBC 1961
‘Kraft Mystery Theatre: The Hideout’ 1961
‘On the Boundary’ BBC 1961
‘They Met in a City: The Spanish Waiter’ (as “Eddie”) BBC 1961
‘Jango: A Great Day For Jango’ (as “Alf”) ITV 1961
‘The Pursuers: The Inside Job’ (as “Frank”) ATV 1961
‘Playhouse: The Pinkness of it All’ ITV 1962
‘Crane’ (series, 26 episodes as “Orlando O’Connor”) ITV 1963-65
‘Espionage: The Dragon Slayer’(as “Cruthchley”) ATV 1963
‘Swallows and Amazons: episode 3 The Serpent’ (as “Young Billie”) BBC 1963
‘Crossroads’ (regular, as “Mr Walton”) ITV 1964-68
‘Detective: The Quick One’ (as “Wills”) BBC 1964
‘Play of the Week: Deep and Crisp and Stolen’ ITV 1964
‘Dixon of Dock Green: The Fire Raiser’(as “Harry Pegg”) BBC 1964
‘Dixon of Dock Green: The Witness’(as “Harry Pegg”) BBC 1964
‘Dixon of Dock Green: Mr. Farthing Takes a Walk’(as “Monty Stone”) BBC 1964
‘Out of The Unknown: The Midas Plague’(as “Fred”) BBC 1965
‘Orlando’ (series, 18 episodes as “Orlando O’Connor”) ITV 1965-68
‘Take a Pair of Private Eyes’ (6-part serial as “Hector Frayne”) BBC 1966
‘Comedy Playhouse: Heirs on a Shoestring’(as “Alfred”) BBC 1967
‘Softly Softly: Pieces of Silver’(as “Jack Luff”) BBC 1967
‘Man in a Suitcase: Why They Killed Nolan’(as “Nolan”) ITV 1968
‘Never A Cross Word’(as “Garage Mechanic”) LWT 1968
‘Dixon of Dock Green: Ania’(as “Wally Green”) BBC 1968
‘Dixon of Dock Green: The Trojan Horse'(as “Price”) BBC 1968
‘Dixon of Dock Green: The Set-Up'(as “Cully”) BBC 1969
‘Z Cars: Give A Dog A Bad Name’ (Parts 1&2) (as “Jimmy Dugdale”) BBC 1969
‘Z Cars: Public Relations’(as “Charlie Steele”) BBC 1969
‘Curry and Chips’ (series, as “Smellie”) ITV 1969
‘The Fosset Saga’ (series, as “Herbert Quince”) ITV 1969
‘Comedy Playhouse: The Making of Peregrine’(as “Rory”) BBC 1969
‘Thirty Minute Theatre: The Tide Watchers’ BBC 1970
‘Dixon of Dock Green: The Lag’s Bride'(as “Arthur Simpson”) BBC 1970
‘The Troubleshooters: A Truly Exotic Development’(as “George Bartlett”) BBC 1970
‘The Mating Machine: Ada’s Last Chance’(as “Lomax”) LWT 1970
‘Here Come The Double Deckers: Invaders From Space’ BBC 1970
‘Thirty Minute Theatre: The Moonlighters’ BBC 1971
‘Tottering Towers’(as “Bertie Bogmoss”) ITV 1971
‘Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width: There is No Smoke Without Fire’(as “Jacko”) ITV 1971
‘Armchair Theatre: Ireland, Mother Ireland’ (as “Conor Ingram”) ITV 1971
‘Follyfoot: Shadow'(as “Bookmaker”) ITV 1971
‘Z Cars: Winner Takes All’(as “Taffy Evans”) BBC 1972
‘Sykes: Mouse’ (as “Fire Chief”) BBC 1972
‘Dixon of Dock Green: First Offenders’ (as “Knocker White”) BBC 1972
‘Thirty Minutes Worth’ [07/11/72] Thames 1972
‘Play for Today: Carson Country’ (as “Tom Brannigan”) BBC 1972
‘The Persuaders!: Someone Waiting’(as “Dwyer”) ITV 1972
‘Marked Personal’ (as “Tom Barrow”) ITV 1973
‘Sykes: Golf” BBC 1973
‘Ooh La La!: A-Hunting We Will go’ (as “Bridoir”) ITV 1973
‘New Scotland Yard: Bullet in a Haystack’(as “Sammy Cutler”) LWT 1973
‘This is Your Life’(as himself) ITV 1974
‘The Dickens of A Christmas’ (as “cabbie”) Thames 1974
‘The Dick Emery Show’ [05/10/74] BBC 1974
‘Funny Ha-ha: Football Crazy’ (as “Dickie”) Thames 1974
‘Sykes: The Pub’ (as “Harold Wilson”) BBC 1974
‘Dixon of Dock Green: Looters Ltd'(as “Charlie Barnet”) BBC 1975
‘Centre Play: Kipper’ (as “Kipper”) BBC 1977
‘Mr Big: The Ashes’ (as “Mr Waller”) BBC 1977
‘Dad’s Army: Wake Up Walmington’(as “Pub Customer”) BBC 1977
‘Love For Lydia’(series, as “Old Johnson”) ITV 1977
‘Sykes: Decorating’ BBC 1978
‘Return of The Saint: Tower Bridge is Falling Down’ (as “Charlie Stewart”) ITV 1978
‘Sally Ann: Put Out to Grass’ BBC 1979
‘Sykes: The Stay-at-home Holiday’ BBC 1979
‘How’s Your Father: Fantasy Time’(as “old man”) ITV 1980                                     “Jackanory”  Many episodes (as ‘Mr Bits and Pieces) BBC 1979-80
‘Playhouse: The Schoolmistress’ ITV 1980
‘Minder: Diamonds Are A Girl’s Worst Enemy’(as “Sid”) ITV 1980
‘Rainbow: Striking: Hickory Dickory Dock’ ITV 1981
‘Terry & June: The Lawnmower’(as “Louis”) BBC 1981
‘Coronation Street’ (as “Frankie Baldwin,” Mike’s father) ITV 1981-82
‘Nobody’s Perfect: Mrs Whicker in Love’ (as “Mr Beasley”) LWT 1982

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