Nathan Burbage Sinclaire – Acting Guru- ‘He Teaches Acting’

all from old pc 7783Nathan Burbage Sinclaire is my spoof acting guru and he has a website all of his own at  Known as ‘The Grate Twat’, he is an old skool teacher having spent years learning his craft under the tutelage of the great (ish) Stanley Lavski. His advice is eclectic in that he has appeared to have grabbed a bit of everything and anything and added his own unique style and vision and assessment of the actor’s art. He calls it the ‘bubble and squeak’ approach (darling). He has made several videos on the art & craft of acting (and will be making more very soon in the future). He is @Sinclaire_NB on Twitter under the title ‘I Teach Acting’. His website invites you to use his audition speeches and monologues. As well as answering a quiz to see if you have what it takes to be an actor. His mantra is TITOGA. TRUTH IS THE ONLY GOOD ACTING...Say it! Say it!

This first video is about ‘how to do sex scenes’.

This is ‘How to do Voice Overs’

This is ‘vocal warm-ups’

This is how to act ‘Pirate’

This is how to warm up.

This is ‘Audition Tips’ Part One

This is ‘Audition Tips’ Part Two

More information at

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