Shakespeare’s Wart

wart still #18This is my most recent short. It stars Peter Wight, Martha Howe Douglas, Bill Fellows and er me. It’s been megalomania time really as I wrote it starred in it, directed it and produced it. It was shot in Shepherd’s Bush over two and a half days with a very small crew. In fact I think on reflection it was too small in that the actors expect more people to wander about looking important and shouting ‘we’re going for a take’.  My friend Johnny Daukes made a short film recently that had so many people shouting ‘we’re going for a take’ that it was like an echo around a series of Alpine valleys. I shot Shakespeare’s Wart with two cameras, a sound guy and make up. The make up lady Kay Smith, married to the actor Ian Redford, bought the tea and sandwiches and pointed out any continuity discrepancies. It was edited by my usual editor Lovett Whitelaw. It’s very silly but as usual slightly Kafkaesque in that the poor lead character is put upon but soldiers on despite being humiliated. It was written from experience.

wart still #14

wart still #15wart still #10







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