Recent & Current VOs

H2 Game of Ancients!

Film4 Insdious Chapter 3 for Saturday Night Shocks

More4 Promo

Film Fear Promo!

Opening scenes of 1st ep of ‘Noddy, Toyland Detective’. Me as ‘Big Ears’ and ‘Fuse the Robot.’ I’ve done 52 eps and am voicing Fuse for the US!

Me as ‘Fuse the Robot’.

Nat Geo Investigates

Film 4 High Rise

ITV’s Dark Angel

Channel 4 The Railway Man

More4 ‘Shackleton’ promo. Flat film read:

Me doing a bright ‘Discovery’ promo read about Sean Conway the triathlete

Quest promo very up as it’s for World Rally Cross

Film 4 read

Another Film 4 read

Here’s a Beechams TV ad. On last winter

Here’s a very straight RP BBC Trust read

Here’s a ‘crime’ (dramatic) read for Investigation Discovery

This is a Channel 5 promo for 20 Moments that rocked the 80s!

This is a Quest Promo for Salvage Hunters

This is a dramatic More 4 Promo for Nazi Megastructures

This is a C5 promo for Big Brother

This is a comedy promo for C5’s 80s weekend

This is a promo for Quest

This is a Channel 5 film promo

This is a BBC World News straight read.

This is Person of Interest for C5 again

This is a voice I did for Channel 4’s Somerset House season

This is an ad for ‘The Globe’. Very theatrical read.

This is me voicing a Boomerang Tom and Jerry promo!

This is a Scy-Fy Channel Star Trek Promo

This is a Channel 5 promo. Informative and ‘up’. London accent. But not cockney.

This is a quite lyrical Nat Geo laid back gravelly read:

Film 4 Werewolf Week is below. I’m right at the end. But it’s a typical Film 4 flat read.

Here’s a serious informative BBC World News read.

Here’s an HBO on demand recording. Quite a straight read. Tells you what’s on!

This is me as Burger Al in the cartoon ‘Warren United’

This is me playing the psychiatrist!

Here’s a Tweet I received!

“Dear Twitter. When I die and some big Hollywood studio is doing my biopic, I want @Jonathankydd to be the narrator. That is all …Joel (Ray)”

Isn’t that lovely. Ta Joel.

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