IMG_1260My latest acting reel is at the bottom of this column. My new animation reel is on the right. New games reels up are here on the right! My band the Rudy Vees vid at the very bottom doing ‘Rather Be.‘ by Clean Bandit  Spoofed!

And there’s an Assassin’s Creed Syndicate ‘Pain’ reel at the bottom on the right

My musical  ‘The Bouncing Doodle U Boat’(working title) which I’m writing with American Idol’s Andy Street is now called ‘Doodle’.   There are pics of the half hour we did at the Lost Theatre on the Musicals page. Did a good reading on 18th Dec at So & So Arts Club! Got it down to 2 hours! Works well! Pics up soon.

Here’s a vid of me doing some recent voice overs in the studio in a compilation on the right!

New Chelsea Fancast podcasts with the legendary Stamford Chidge IMG_5424ongoing!  I’m on again in two weeks. The show won the Football Blog Awards Best Podcast!

Gazprom CFC vid I shot is up on the Chelsea page.

I’m doing the Mitsubishi ads on Talksport and Sky sponsorship..And Prostate cancer! And Quest & Discovery promos. C5 promos inc the Ben Fogle one   And Recruitment Juice corporate! And Full Tilt Poker. And Beechams on TV. And a doco series called  Airport Alert –  and done Assassin’s Creed Syndicate  and some singing for McCasso! And another doc for Discovery: Eps of Sons of Winter. Also Until Dawn TV ad Plus Fox promos! More Mr Bean!  Also ‘Beat the Sun’ Sports doco for Sunset and Vine. And Quest Salvage Hunters; And Bear Grylls for Discovery and an ITV promo Midwinter of the Spirit. And Nazi Megastructures for C4. And MTV Geordie Shore and a BBC Panorama and BBC Trust! And Animal Planet and more ‘Raiders of the Lost Art’ docos! New Beechams and Panorama up as well! Did Compare the Market and Babybel research! Also more Beechams! And Peugeot and more Panorama and Film 4! And more Airport Alert!

I’m in a kids’ cartoon for Dreamworks playing 6 characters in 52 episodes but I can’t tell you what it is yet as I’ve signed an NDA on this! In fact I’ve already told you too much. I now have to come round and hypnotize you.

IMG_7029My comedy band The Rudy Vees did the Camden Fringe at the Rabbit Hole in New End Hampstead.  We ended up a HOT TICKET  and Number 4 in comedy acts to go and see! All videoed. The Megamix section…24 songs in fifteen minutes..went down a treat. Vids up! New singer Lucy Grainger is great!

More GIGS NOW! Did January 28th 29th 30th at the Canal Cafe Theatre in Little Venice at 7.30! Vids up soon! And the Musical Comedy Awards heats on Jan 30th!

Next is 9th and 10th Feb at Phoenix Artists Club in Charing Cross Road at 7pm.

There’s a vid on the Rudy Vees page of ‘Dance Like my Dad!’ LIVE at the Rabbit Hole in Camden.   Also a LIVE version of Zombie Girl. It’s looong! But fun!

There’s a new ‘accents of the world‘ vid on Voiceovers within! And a vid of me voicing in the studio.

I’m also writing a book! Tentatively titled  “Man Behaving Sadly: A Voice Over Diary Part One August to April” which may now be ‘Voice Over Man!’

You are feeling sleepy. Relax. Watch the pendant.

Here’s the acting reel.


Ahaarrrr Jonathan’s award winning comedy short

Jonathan's award winning short film

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