World of Tremlett!

MVM holding up LooLeadWorld of Tremlett! A pilot/spoof infomercial/sketch show which I am pitching! It is essentially a vehicle for me to dress up as many different characters, have my band in it (the Amazing Singing Dentists are in it), and to have all my talented friends in it in my kitchen. Cheap as chips! Look out for such characters as ‘The Gratuitous Bikini Girls’, 4 girls who gyrate gratuitously around the sofa, the Angry piece of cheese, the Sweary Baby, the fabulous violinist Anna-Phoebe, and the great piece of must buy consumer shite for those ‘pissed’ moments ‘The Loo Lead’. Guest star/stand up is Paddy Lennox. Saxophonist Martin Winning duets with Mal Darwen. Here it is: ‘World of Tremlett!’

This is the advert the World of Tremlett show is based on: The Loo Lead!

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