Rudy Vees…. History and Tracks



IMG_2959The Rudy Vees are steeped in history. Dripping in it in fact. Smeared all over with a historic sheen that glows and sparkles in the dark. And is sticky during the daylight hours. Though on their own they are only two years old, in fact their legacy goes way way 12513547_10153195640595755_8389405327139357164_oback and even further into the dank mists of time. And it’s all down to lead singer/writer/producer/headhoncho Jonathan Kydd. Jonathan Kydd has had a long line of comedy bands. The Kondos. The Brothers Kondo. The Kondo Brothers. The Condos. Then The Singing Dentists. Then the Amazing Singing Dentists. Then the Bay Citee Molars. Then the Hubba Hubba 5. Then the Phists of Righteous Harmony. Then the Rudy Vaselinos. AND FINALLY….(FANFARE) THE RUDY VEES


In tandem with producer @HowardVant and manager @Ken Tremlett of JKRovers, he is pushing the Rudy Vees towards comedy bliss. Will he achieve it? As long as @jenniejacobs is involved along with @charzsabomckay or Cliff Charles or Lucy Grainger or Emily O’Hara or Sanaz Lavasani, then the chances are good.


This is the Rudy Vees’ ‘Vanished’ (into another dimension)

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